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Your company's name is critically important to its success - generally easy to spell and certainly unique. Great entrepreneurs tackle and solve challenging issues like naming their company well, and if you can’t name your company well, you’re simply not worth investing in it. I know it’s a harsh statement, but it is true. Better you hear it now while you still have a chance to hit a homerun.

If you go into a VC or angel meeting with a crappy name, they will look at it the same way they look at you unshaven with a stain on your shirt and a deck full of misspellings: that you lack focus and attention to detail. A stunning domain name paired with a world-class logo makes you look like a killer. That is what you want when you’re in a meeting asking people to give you money: credibility." - modified excerpt from the words of Jason


Benefits of a Great Domain Name

Unique - This is the only domain of its kind

Intuitive, memorable and easy to say and type

Better search engine optimization